each and every
"I want each and every student to bring his or her textbook tomorrow."

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  • eager beaver
  • eagle eye
  • earful
  • early bird
  • early bird catches the worm
  • early on
  • earn one's keep
  • ease off on (someone or something)
  • ease up on (someone or something)
  • easier said than done
  • Idioms Quiz
  • in public
  • tie up (something) or tie (something) up
  • speak off the cuff
  • for hours on end
  • trump up (something) or trump (something) up
  • set (someone or something) free
  • blow out (something) or blow (something) out
  • in a jiffy
  • size up (someone or something)
  • tit for tat

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    Aztecs believed that the sun died every night and needed human blood to give it strength to rise the next day. So they sacrificed 15,000 men a year to appease their sun god, Huitzilopochtli. Most of the victims were prisoners taken in wars, which were sometimes started solely to round up sacrificial victims.      .. More >>
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