kangaroo court
an illegal court formed by a group of people to settle a dispute among themselves
There was a kangaroo court in movie after the ranchers arrested the criminal.
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  • We use both during and in to say that something happens inside a particular period of time.
      We'll be on holiday during/in August.
      I woke up during/in the night.
  • We prefer during when we stress that we are talking about the whole of the period.
      The shop's closed during the whole of August.
      (NOT . . . in the whole of August.).
  • We use during, not in, when we say that something happens between the beginning and end of an activity (not a period of time).
      He had some strange experiences during his military service.
      (NOT . . . in his military service.).
      I'll try to phone you during the meeting. (NOT . . . in the meeting.)
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