nail down (someone or something)
to make certain or sure of something
I am trying to nail down the exact time that the meeting will begin.
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    The bedroom

    I put on my pyjamas, got into bed, set the alarm clock, switched off the light, and went to sleep.

    The bathroom

    I didnít have time for a bath, but I had a wash, cleaned my teeth, and then I went to school.

    Housework (U)

    My room is very clean and tidy (= everything in order), but my brother is very untidy; he leaves his clothes all over the floor and never makes his bed. Whatís worse, he doesnít clean his room very often, so most of the time it is quite dirty.

    I do the washing-up every evening after dinner, and I normally do the washing and ironing at the weekend when I have a bit more free time. I also hoover the carpets and polish the dining room table once a week.
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