General English Test - 13

General English Questions and Answers

1. The question is whether it is ________ to sell up all your shares at this stage rather than wait to see how the market is next year.

2. As all advisers always do, she stressed that investing in this particular market had to be considered as a ________ commitment over at least 10 years.

3. The bank clerk at the counter did not know the customer and in view of the large amount of money involved was naturally ________ about paying out the sum on the cheque.

4. Since he left the army, he misses the excitement and danger and still wants to live life in the fast ________ .

5. As the couple had a ________ account, the money to pay the mortage was taken from there.

6. If you are self-employed, you must make sure that you ________ the form indicating how much you have earned.

7. Even after their recent heavy expenses, they still found there was a healthy ________ in their bank account.

8. I appreciate your hard work but sometimes you're so fast that you miss the details and I think it's a case of more ________ less speed.

9. He sees financial gain everywhere and never misses an opportunity to make a fast ________ .

10. There is quite a heavy financial ________ attached to any action that involves late payment of taxes.

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