ESL-EFL Test - 115

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1. If you move in on a place, you approach it quietly so that you are not noticed.

2. People make ________ that he's really miserable, but I find him rather amusing

3. After the accident, everyone looked ________ the local priest for support and advice

4. Could you look ________ on her and just check that everything's OK

5. If you don't know a word, look it ________ in a dictionary

6. If you put something in a secure place to stop it being stolen, you lock it in.

7. Can you understand her writing? I can't make ________ this word

8. I went back to the town where I grew up and looked ________ some old friends

9. Everybody made ________ that it was really difficult, but I found it dead easy

10. I look ________ on my childhood as the happiest part of my life

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